The new BMW 5 Series Saloon

More dynamic than ever, featuring a wealth of digital innovations and all-electric drive.

Mon 05 June 2023

Eighth generation 5 Series fuses advanced technology with elegant and sporting saloon style, generous space and exceptional refinement

All-electric drive arrives in the BMW 5 Series Saloon for the first time – BMW i5 eDrive40 offers up to 361-mile range*, BMW i5 M60 xDrive delivers scintillating performance with 0-62mph in 3.8s

Pushing in-car technology to new levels – the new BMW Interaction Bar joins the BMW Curved Display and the first BMW to feature in-car gaming with AirConsole

The first BMW in the UK to offer the latest leather free interior, Veganza, as standard from launch 

High standard specification - M Sport offered as standard in the UK, with M Sport Pro and BMW i5 M60 xDrive models available

BMW 5 Series range is priced from £49,850, with customer deliveries commencing in October 2023


The latest iteration of the BMW 5 Series Saloon, characterised by enhanced digital advancements and a fully electric propulsion system, maintains its reputation for cutting-edge technology, stylish design, and exhilarating driving experience. The latest generation of this highly successful executive car further emphasises its dedication to environmental responsibility, achieving a remarkable 20 to 25 percent reduction in carbon emissions throughout the supply chain and up to 58 percent over the vehicle's lifespan compared to the previous model.

The latest iteration of the BMW 5 Series Saloon showcases a contemporary interpretation of its sporty elegance, reflecting the brand's current design philosophy. Its well-balanced proportions distinctly capture the essence of a dynamic executive car. As a high-performance model developed by BMW M GmbH, the electric-powered BMW i5 M60 xDrive boasts a range of distinctive exterior elements that visually emphasise its exceptional athletic capabilities.

The latest generation of the BMW 5 Series Saloon exudes a commanding presence on the road, thanks to its athletic proportions and increased exterior dimensions compared to its predecessor. The eighth generation model has grown in length by 97mm to 5,060mm, in width by 32mm to 1,900mm, and in height by 36mm to 1,515mm. The longer wheelbase, extended by 20mm to 2,995mm, enhances seating comfort, particularly for rear passengers.

Introducing several pioneering features to this iconic saloon, the latest BMW 5 Series combines an all-electric powertrain with a range of innovations. Notably, it becomes the first BMW model in the UK to offer standard Veganza upholstery, encompassing the seats, dashboard, and door panels. Taking inspiration from the BMW 7 Series, the striking BMW Interaction Bar is now integrated into the new BMW 5 Series. Additionally, the saloon offers a panoramic roof for the first time in its history, while delivering an elevated digital experience with cutting-edge features such as AI-driven servicing notifications and in-car gaming.

Modern interpretation of classic signature styling

The front view of the latest BMW 5 Series Saloon showcases a contemporary interpretation of the brand's iconic design elements, including the twin headlights and BMW kidney grille. The LED headlights feature a modern and minimalistic version of the signature four-eye face, while the daytime driving lights and turn indicators are generated by two vertically aligned LED elements placed on the outer edges. The Adaptive LED Headlights incorporate cornering lights and Matrix High Beam technology, which includes the glare-free High Beam Assist known as BMW Selective Beam. M Shadow Line lights with black trim on the inside of the headlight housings are a standard feature on M Sport Pro models.

The new BMW 5 Series Saloon provides an appealing welcome and farewell display for customers. This includes atmospheric orchestration of the headlights and a light carpet projected from the vehicle sill.

Serving as the visual centerpiece, the BMW kidney grille draws inspiration from the iconic "Sharknose" design and projects prominently forward. With its broad surround and the inclusion of BMW Iconic Glow as a standard feature on M Sport Pro and i5 M60 xDrive models, the BMW kidney grille adds a sporty and distinctive touch to the 5 Series.

Flowing lines enhance the sporty side profile of the traditional saloon design

The side view of the BMW 5 Series Saloon exemplifies a clean and minimalist design language. Its elongated proportions, long bonnet, and prominently positioned BMW kidney grille are easily noticeable. The sporty nature of the Saloon's classic three-box design is further emphasized by the sharply angled A-pillar, the smoothly flowing roofline towards the rear, and the gently sloping line of the luggage compartment.

The side profile exudes a strong athletic appearance, characterized by a high shoulder line, precisely sculpted surfaces, and two distinct character lines. Black side skirts create a visual contrast against the rest of the body, and the door openers are seamlessly integrated into the surface. The Hofmeister kink, a distinctive counter-swing at the base of the C-pillar, is highlighted by a graphic element featuring the number 5 embossed on the side window surround.

At the rear, the shoulder and roof lines seamlessly merge with the contours of the taillights. The sleek rear lights adopt the iconic L-shape design with a modern twist. Inside, four slim LED strips arranged horizontally perform the lighting functions, divided by an L-shaped chrome strip. Similar to the headlight units, striking LED elements serve as the daytime running lights, adding to the overall aesthetics.

Exclusive design features for BMW i5 M60 xDrive and M Sport Pro models

The BMW i5 M60 xDrive exhibits distinctive design elements that enhance its striking appearance and highlight its dynamic performance. These include a front apron with black surfaces at the center and large air intakes, a BMW kidney grille featuring contour line lighting, horizontal slats, and an M logo. The side skirts and exterior mirror caps are finished in high-gloss black, while unique 20-inch M light alloy wheels further enhance its visual appeal. At the rear, a pronounced diffuser insert on the rear apron signifies the sporty character of this range-topping model. Additionally, an M rear spoiler lip comes as a standard feature on M Sport and i5 M60 xDrive variants.

M Sport Pro versions of the BMW 5 Series Saloon boast distinctive elements such as an illuminated BMW kidney grille with a black surround, a dynamic light carpet, high-gloss black exterior mirror caps, and a black-painted M rear spoiler. Furthermore, they feature M Shadow Line lights for the front and rear, along with red-painted brake calipers, adding an extra touch of sportiness to the overall design.

Optimised aerodynamics deliver real-world range improvements

The new BMW 5 Series Saloon incorporates various EfficientDynamics measures to enhance its aerodynamic efficiency. These measures include air flap control, an AirCurtain in the front apron, aerodynamic wheels, and a smooth underbody, resulting in an impressive Cd value of 0.23.

The air flap control system plays a role in extending the electric range of the new BMW i5 by up to 16 miles. It achieves this by selectively opening the cooling air intakes in the BMW kidney grille, lower cooling air intake, and brake cooling ducts only when necessary.

The Air Curtains, located in the front apron, help direct the airflow past the front wheels, reducing turbulence in the wheel arch area and increasing the range by up to 1.25 miles.

The light alloy wheels with optimized inserts not only contribute to the overall aesthetics but also offer excellent aerodynamics and reduced weight. Their design plays a significant role in minimizing air resistance, increasing the electric range by up to 6 miles.

The underbody of the new BMW 5 Series Saloon is extensively covered and features optimized panelling and air control elements to reduce air resistance. At the rear, the rear axle cover and aerodynamically shaped diffuser further enhance the airflow underneath the vehicle. These efforts collectively lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions and an extended electric range of up to 6 miles.

New EfficiencyCoach generates suggestions for more efficient and sustainable driving

The BMW Group has long been committed to developing technologies under the EfficientDynamics umbrella to enhance vehicle efficiency and reduce emissions. However, it is important to recognize that the driver's behavior also plays a crucial role in optimizing efficiency. By adopting eco-friendly driving practices, it is possible to save up to 25 percent of fuel or electrical energy.

To assist drivers in achieving greater efficiency and sustainability, the new EfficiencyCoach feature within the My BMW app has been introduced. This intelligent assistant analyzes the vehicle's current energy consumption and compares it with data from the previous month as well as the broader community. Based on this analysis, the EfficiencyCoach provides personalized tips and recommendations to drive more economically.

Through the My BMW app, drivers can access valuable insights and guidance on how to optimize their driving style, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact. By leveraging the power of technology and data, BMW aims to empower drivers to make more informed decisions and actively contribute to a greener future.

Driving pleasure and exceptional comfort combined with innovative style

The new BMW 5 Series Saloon offers ample space, contemporary functionality, exceptional acoustic comfort, and a premium interior characterized by high-quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and advanced digital services. At the center of the interior redesign lies the fully digital BMW Curved Display, which serves as a focal point and enhances the overall aesthetics.

Among the interior innovations, the BMW Interaction Bar is integrated into the instrument panel and door area, providing intuitive control and access to various vehicle functions. The My Modes feature allows for a personalized driving and interior experience, enabling drivers to customize settings according to their preferences.

Additionally, the new gear selector switch is positioned on the center console, providing convenient and efficient gear shifting. These advancements in interior design and technology ensure a contemporary and sophisticated driving experience, elevating comfort, convenience, and customization to new levels in the BMW 5 Series Saloon.

Fully digital BMW Curved Display with new graphic display and optimised touch operation

The BMW Curved Display in the new BMW 5 Series Saloon features a frameless glass surface that is slightly angled towards the driver. It consists of two components: a 12.3-inch Information Display located behind the steering wheel and a 14.9-inch Control Display, seamlessly merging into a single fully digital high-resolution display unit. This setup provides a visually striking and immersive interface.

The BMW iDrive experience, powered by BMW Operating System 8.5, offers an updated graphical display with a clear start screen and "QuickSelect" access for effortless and intuitive touch operation. The latest-generation operating system introduces new functionalities, such as video on demand via YouTube, which is available to the driver and front passenger when the vehicle is stationary (requires a SIM card reader and separate data plan).

The advancements in digitalization have allowed for a reduction in the number of physical buttons in the cockpit. Buttons are retained only where they offer the most efficient and intuitive operation. A prominent interior trim strip on the instrument panel accentuates the BMW Curved Display and the BMW Interaction Bar. It is available in an Aluminium Rhombicle Dark Silver finish and can be optionally selected in Carbon Fiber variant with high-gloss silver threads, as well as in several elegant fine wood finishes, offering customization options to suit individual preferences and tastes.

In-car gaming with AirConsole premieres in the new BMW 5 Series

BMW has teamed up with AirConsole, a gaming platform, to introduce a fresh type of in-car gaming in the new BMW 5 Series Saloon. When the vehicle is not in motion, the driver and passengers can enjoy playing casual games as a way to pass the time, particularly while waiting for the BMW i5's high-voltage battery to charge.

The process of getting started with AirConsole is effortless. Players can use their smartphones as controllers by simply scanning a QR code on the Curved Display to establish a connection. Games are delivered instantly via wireless transmission, allowing players to begin playing right away. The initial lineup of games includes various genres such as racing, sports, quiz, simulation, strategy, jump-and-run, and puzzle games. There are currently around 20 titles available, including "Go Kart Go," "Golazo," "Music Guess," and "Overcooked," with more games being continuously added to the collection.